Top class facilities are essential for the preparation of winners and Eoghan O’Neill has possibly
the best private training facilities in France.


There are 80 stables at Haras de Lianger. These are split between a colts barn, a fillies barn and two separate rows of loose boxes. There is 150 meters separating the colts barn from the fillies barn and the two rows of loose boxes are also isolated from both barns. The expansive layout of our stabling creates a quiet, peaceful setting and promotes a healthy environment. It also offers Eoghan a choice of stabling environment best suited to each individual horse’s needs.

Softrack All Weather Gallop
The very first project undertaken at Haras de Lianger by Eoghan was the construction of a 1000m All Weather gallop. Unlike most French trainers, Eoghan built his All Weather gallop on an incline, which guarantees horses in his care are 100% fit, well-muscled and fresh going racing. This gallop rises over 30 meters from start to finish and it has proved to be a hugely successful facility. Eoghan imported the excellent Softrack surface from England for this gallop. Softrack is a mixture of high-grade silica sand, fibre and wax, which provides a sound, safe and consistent surface underfoot when horses are galloping. Over the past few years France Galop has invested in several new All Weather racecourses including Deauville, Chantilly, Pornichet, Cagnes-Sur-Mer and Lyon Le Soie. It is a distinct advantage for horses trained by Eoghan to exercise daily on a near-identical surface to those on the racecourses.

Round Sand Gallop
Haras de Lianger includes an impressive 1000 meter oval natural sand gallop with cambered bends and an automatic watering system. This gallop is the perfect facility for teaching youngsters to relax when exercising along the straights and learning to balance themselves through the turns. Many French racetracks include at least one tight turn and the layout of this gallop provides an advantage to Eoghan’s runners when faced with a tight turn on the racecourse.

Swimming Pool
Eoghan commissioned the construction of a 50 meter straight pool in the autumn of 2012. He successfully used an equine pool as a part of his training regime in England and he is delighted to add this this state-of-the-art facility to his training regime here in France. The straight line construction greatly reduces the risk of injury compared to a circular construction and horses gain greater physical benefit from the effort of swimming in a straight line. The pool has been positioned so that one entrance ramp is close to the fillies barn and the other ramp is close to the colts barn.

Horse Walkers
Haras de Lianger has two covered 6-horse walkers, one adjoining the fillies barn and another adjoining the colts barn. Both walkers are an essential part of the daily exercise routine at Haras de Lianger.

Round Pen
A well-fenced round pen is an essential training facility, particularly for starting yearlings in a safe environment, free of distractions. The round pen has a waxed sand surface that provides safe underfoot conditions for inexperienced youngsters.

Turn Out Paddocks
Haras de Lianger covers over 100 acres and there are 12 turnout paddocks in daily use for horses-in-training. These well-fenced paddocks are perfect for horses to relax and unwind while soaking up the regular warm sunshine enjoyed in the excellent South Normandy climate. There are also several larger paddocks for horses out of training or those enjoying a short break during the season. One of the larger paddocks is specifically used for horses-in-training that are better suited to living out doors. All horses at grass are checked twice a day by a senior member of staff.