Recent Results

Date Horse Placing Racecourse
22.01.20 DAVID THE DIVA 4th Pornichet
22.01.20 SNIFTER 1st Pornichet
09.01.20 LORD TORRANAGA 1st Pornichet
02.01.20 LORD TORRANAGA 2nd Pornichet
28.12.19 SNIFTER 2nd Pornichet
16.12.19 SNIFTER 5th Deauville
09.12.19 LORD TORRANAGA 2nd Pornichet
06.12.19 KING SIYOUNI 4th Lyon la-Soie
21.11.19 LORD TORRANAGA 5th Lyon la-Soie
07.11.19 RONDINE 4th Lyon la-Soie
30.10.19 SNIFTER 4th Pornichet
29.10.19 KING SIYOUNI 2nd Lyon La-Soie
14.10.19 BE AHEAD 1st Wolverhampton
12.10.19 NO NIKI NO 1st Pornichet
12.10.19 SAYIDAH KODIAC 1st Pornichet
12.10.19 TRANQUILIZED 5th Pornichet
09.10.19 RONDINE 4th Les Sables d’Olonne
04.10.19 SEEKING DICKENS 3rd Nantes
04.10.19 PORT OR STARBOARD 4th Nantes
02.10.19 SPEAK OUT 1st Lyon La-Soie
29.09.19 RONDINE 1st Tours
29.09.19 KING SIYOUNI 3rd Tours
28.09.19 NO NIKI NO 2nd Lyon La-Soie
28.09.19 FLAT WHITE 3rd Argentan
27.09.19 MORNING BASMA 2nd Lyon Parilly
23.09.19 SAYIDAH KODIAC 3rd Craon
20.09.19 SEEKING DICKENS 1st Nantes
16.09.19 MAGICAL DREAMER 5th Maisons-Laffitte
15.09.19 COOL WINE 1st Evreux
15.09.19 RONDINE 3rd La Roche Posay
14.09.19 DR RIO 1st Cholet
14.09.19 SPEAK OUT 4th Cholet
12.09.19 KENDANCER 4th Lyon Parilly
12.09.19 MANDOLIN WIND 4th Lyon Parilly
09.09.19 BE AHEAD 3rd Chantilly
04.09.19 MADE TO ORDER 5th Maisons-Laffitte
30.08.19 CARNIVAL ZANE 1st Pornichet
24.08.19 COOL WINE 2nd Saint-Malo
24.08.19 INSHALLAH QUEEN 2nd Saint-Malo
24.08.19 WHAT A HEADACHE 2nd Beaupreau
22.08.19 KENDANCER 1st Pornichet
22.08.19 RONDINE 5th Pornichet
20.08.19 DR RIO 5th Vichy
18.08.19 SPEAK OUT 3rd Royan
17.08.19 BE AHEAD 2nd Deauville
15.08.19 MORNING BASMA 2nd La Teste
15.08.19 MADE TO ORDER 1st Granville
10.08.19 CARNIVAL ZANE 2nd Pornichet
29.07.19 LINKED 5th Rochefort-sur-Loire
28.07.19 BE AHEAD 3rd Deauville
25.07.19 KENDANCER 4th Les Sables d’Olonne
25.07.19 INSHALLAH QUEEN 1st Les Sables d’Olonne
22.07.19 MORNING BASMA 1st Dieppe
21.07.19 COOL WINE 1st Erbray
20.07.19 MADE TO ORDER 4th La Teste
18.07.19 RONDINE 5th Longchamp
17.07.19 MANDOLIN WIND 4th Le Lion d’Angers
16.07.19 DR RIO 3rd Saint-Malo
16.07.19 KENDANCER 2nd Saint-Malo
14.07.19 NO NIKI NO 4th Sennones
14.07.19 SILVERED WINGS 4th Le Dorat
06.07.19 CARNIVAL ZANE 3rd Clairefontaine
06.07.19 MADE TO ORDER 2nd Nantes
06.07.19 MAGICAL DREAMER 1st Nantes
03.07.19 SNIFTER 5th Nantes
03.07.19 SIYAK 5th Deauville
30.06.19 NO NIKI NO 2nd Sennones
30.06.19 ZANE DADDY 4th Argentan
30.06.19 SILVERED WINGS 3rd Wissembourg
30.06.19 COOL WINE 4th Wissembourg
28.06.19 KENDANCER 4th Clairefontaine
27.06.19 LA YAKFI 1st Longchamp
24.06.19 MORNING BASMA 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
19.06.19 SIYAK 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
16.06.19 ADMIRAL ROUS 3rd Chantilly
16.06.19 MAGICAL DREAMER 4th Niort
12.06.19 RONDINE 4th Saint Cloud
11.06.19 MORNING BASMA 2nd Dieppe
08.06.19 ROSY LIFE 5th Maisons-Laffitte
02.06.19 WHAT A HEADACHE 4th Vannes
31.05.19 CARNIVAL ZANE 5th Maisons-Laffitte
29.05.19 MADE TO ORDER 2nd Fontainebleau
26.05.19 COOL WINE 2nd Cluny
25.05.19 INSHALLAH QUEEN 5th Bordeaux le Bouscat
24.05.19 KENDANCER 2nd Chateaubriant
23.05.19 LA YAKFI 1st Lyon Parilly
21.05.19 NO NIKI NO 5th Maisons-Laffitte
19.05.19 WHAT A HEADAcHE 5th Montlucon
19.05.19 HECTOR BAILEY 3rd Saint-Malo
15.05.19 SAYIDAH 4th Maisons-Laffitte
13.05.19 ADMIRAL ROUS 1st St Cloud
12.05.19 DIVA SPEED 5th Durtal
09.05.19 ZANE DADDY 5th Maisons-Laffitte
09.05.19 MADE TO ORDER 4th Le Lion de Angers
08.05.19 LA YAKFI 5th La Teste
08.05.19 BROADLEAS 3rd Nort-sur-Erdre
05.05.19 INSHALLA QUEEN 1st Tours
05.05.19 ANNA JAMMEELA 3rd Tours
02.05.19 SIYAK 3rd Chantilly
02.05.19 KENDANCER 5th Chantilly
02.05.19 SAYIDAH KODIAC 4th Chantilly
28.04.19 COOL WINE 4th Angouleme
22.04.19 DIVA SPEED 4th Le Lion d’Angers
21.04.19 ANNA JAMMEELA 4th Montlucon
15.04.19 KENDANCER 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
14.04.19 LA YAKFI 1st Fontainebleau
02.04.19 MORNING BASMA 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
23.03.19 BROADLEAS 3rd Pornichet
19.03.19 ADMIRAL ROUS 4th Chantilly
23.02.19 ADMIRAL ROUS 4th Doha, Qatar
25.01.19 ADMIRAL ROUS 1st Chantilly
23.01.19 BROADLEAS 3rd Pornichet
10.01.19 SILVERED WINGS 3rd Pornichet
05.01.19 ADMIRAL ROUS 1st Deauville
14.12.18 ADMIRAL ROUS 2nd Deauville
10.12.18 RIO DANCER 3rd Pornichet
29.11.18 SIYAK 1st Deauville
28.11.18 ADMIRAL ROUS 2nd Deauville
27.11.18 LA YAKFI 5th Deauville
26.11.18 DR RIO 1st Pornichet
31.10.18 PROST 2nd Pornichet
25.10.18 INSHALLAH QUEEN 5th Deauville
21.10.18 ADMIRAL ROUS 3rd Chantilly
16.10.18 SIYAK 2nd Chantilly
13.10.18 COLLINE EXPRESS 2nd Pornichet
06.10.18 LA YAKFI 3rd Longchamp
03.10.18 MOON TROUBLE 5th Fontainebleau
30.09.18 BRIGHT CRESCENT 5th Tours
28.09.18 ADMIRAL ROUS 4th Saint-Cloud
27.09.18 MOON TROUBLE 4th Lyon Parilly
26.09.18 KAABA STONE 2nd Le Mans
23.09.18 QUEEN BAYNOONAH 2nd La Roche Posay
21.09.18 STILLWELL STARK 4th Chantilly
21.09.18 LA YAKFI 2nd Nantes
16.09.18 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE 2nd Longchamp
16.09.18 GOLD KISS 5th La Roche Sur Yon
15.09.18 BRIGHT CRESCENT 5th Cholet
10.10.18 DR RIO 2nd Chantilly
10.10.18 MORNING BASMA 2nd Chantilly
09.09.18 KAABA STONE 2nd Niort
08.09.18 EL MORRO 5th Evreux
07.09.18 SCARLET SLIPPERS 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
01.09.18 TULFARRIS 4th Craon
28.08.18 KAABA STONE 2nd Deauville
26.08.18 EL MORRO 1st Royan
24.08.18 GENERAL CADEAUX 3rd Saint-Malo
19.08.18 MANDOLIN WIND 2nd Deauville
19.08.18 TULFARRIS 1st Vittel
19.08.18 EL MORRO 2nd Royan
17.08.18 HECTOR BAILEY 3rd La Teste
16.08.18 A MILLION DREAMS 5th Le Lion d’Angers
16.08.18 MOON TROUBLE 2nd La Teste
14.08.18 BOUDICA’S HEIRESS 1st Moulins
08.08.18 DR RIO 3rd La Teste de Buch
08.08.18 EL MORRO 5th La Teste de Buch
07.08.18 GENERAL CADEAUX 1st Les Sables d’Olonne
07.08.18 KAABA STONE 4th Deauville
02.08.18 TULFARRIS 3rd Vichy
02.08.18 COMMONS UPPER 4th Clairefontaine
31.07.18 HECTOR BAILEY 2nd La Teste de Buch
30.07.18 BRIGHT CRESCENT 3rd Rochefort-sur-Loire
26.07.18 MANDOLIN WIND 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
22.07.18 QUEEN MONACO 3rd Vittel
20.07.18 BOUDICA’S HEIRESS 4th Le Touquet
16.07.18 DR RIO 4th Vichy
10.07.18 MANDOLIN WIND 4th Le Lion d’Angers
09.07.18 ADMIRAL ROUS 4th Chantilly
08.07.18 AMOUR LIBRANNO  3rd Vitteaux
07.07.18 DR RIO 1st Nantes
07.07.18 MADE TO ORDER  3rd Clairefontaine
04.07.18 MORNING BASMA 2nd Deauville
04.07.18 TULFARRIS 5th Deauville
02.07.18 COMMONS UPPER 2nd Vittel
01.07.18 TAWAHID 2nd Saint-Cloud
27.06.18 BOUDICA’S HEIRESS 4th Maisons-Laffitte
27.06.18 COLWOOD 2nd Argentan
25.06.18 TAWAHID 1st Saint-Cloud
25.06.18 COMMONS UPPER 3rd Saint-Cloud
23.06.18 YOUMZAIN STAR 5th Compiegne
16.06.18 COMMONS UPPER 5th Maisons-Laffitte
16.06.18 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
15.06.18 TULFARRIS 2nd Saint-Cloud
14.06.18 MORNING BASMA 3rd Longchamp
14.06.18 MADE TO ORDER 5th Craon
10.06.18 BINT CHATTLEYA 5th Wissembourg
10.06.18 BOUDICA’S HEIRESS 3rd Wissembourg
18.05.18 RATHMINES 4th Maisons-Laffitte
17.05.18 COLLINE EXPRESS 5th Saint-Malo
16.05.18 MORNING BASMA 5th Maisons-Laffitte
13.05.18 RED CHOIS 5th Royan la Palmyre
13.05.18 BINT CHATTLEYA 3rd Le Pin au Haras
05.05.18 KODIAC TIME 4th Maisons-Laffitte
29.04.18 HURLYBURLY 5th Nort-sur-Erdre
28.04.18 MANDOLIN WIND 1st Lyon Parilly
28.04.18 YOUMZAIN STAR 5th Lyon Parilly
22.04.18 BINT CHATTLEYA 2nd Durtal
21.04.18 LADY KYRIA 1st Nantes
19.04.18 MOON TROUBLE 1st Longchamp
17.04.18 KODIAC TIME 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
13.04.18 RED CHOIS 4th Lyon Parilly
13.04.18 LADY KYRIA 5th Lyon Parilly
13.04.18 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE 4th Lyon Parilly
03.04.18 LADY KYRIA 5th Chantilly
02.04.18 TRUE THOUGHTS 4th Machecoul
19.12.17 TAWAHID 1st Chantilly
16.12.17 DO IT IN RIO 4th Deauville
07.12.17 RED CHOIS 2nd Lyon la-Soie
30.11.17 COLWOOD 1st Lyon la-Soie
27.11.17 RED CHOIS 2nd Pornichet
27.11.17 TAWAHID 5th Deauville
10.11.17 DO IT IN RIO 3rd Saint Cloud
09.11.17 RED CHOIS 3rd Chantilly
09.11.17 COOPERATE 2nd Pornichet
06.11.17 RIVIERA 3rd Le Croise-Laroche
04.11.17 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE 1st Lyon la-Soie
04.11.17 ASCOT DAY 4th Lyon la-Soie
28.10.17 LADY KYRIA 5th Nantes
25.10.17 YOUMZAIN STAR 1st Lyon la-Soie
22.10.17 TAWAHID 1st Cholet
15.10.17 ALMOST HEAVEN 1st Orleans
14.10.17 COOPERATE 2nd Pornichet
08.10.17 ALWAYS 5th Tours
08.10.17 LOS ALTOS 5th Tours
08.10.17 RIVIERA 3rd Tours
06.10.17 BERETTA BILBERRY 4th Maisons-Laffitte
05.10.17 TAWAHID 1st Nantes
05.10.17 LADY KYRIA 1st Nantes
04.10.17 FAST BUCK 1st Lyon la-Soie
04.10.17 ASCOT DAY 4th Lyon la-Soie
02.10.17 MOON TROUBLE 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
30.09.17 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE 2nd Lyon la-Soie
27.08.17 RIVIERA 4th Evreux
27.08.17 FULL CAPACITY 3rd Mauron
27.08.17 CASTLEWARDEN 1st Royan
26.08.17 ALMOST HEAVEN 2nd Beaupreau
26.08.17 FAST BUCK 1st Pornichet
24.08.17 TAWAHID 3rd Moulins
23.08.17 SHYAMALA 3rd Vichy
20.08.17 WINTURO 4th Royan
19.08.17 LOS ALTOS 3rd Le Lion d’Angers
14.08.17 DANCING MASTER 5th Clairefontaine
14.08.17 BACHELORS WALK 3rd Brehal
13.08.17 DO IT IN RIO 2nd Le Lion d’Angers
13.08.17 FAST BUCK 2nd Le Lion d’Angers
12.08.17 SHYAMALA 4th Pornichet
09.08.17 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE 3rd La Teste de Buch
09.08.17 BALLYMOUNT 1st La Teste de Buch
07.08.17 TEESLEMEE 1st Dinan
04.08.17 DANCING MASTER 5th St Malo
01.08.17 YOUMZAIN STAR 1st La Teste
31.07.17 SHYAMALA 2nd Rochefort-sur-Loire
28.07.17 COLWOOD 5th Les Sables d’Olonne
27.07.17 EAST OF THE NILE 3rd Maisons Laffitte
27.07.17 DO IT IN RIO 4th Maisons-Laffitte
24.07.17 TEELEMEE 2nd Guerlesquin
23.07.17 PUSSY GALORE 2nd Le Touquet
22.07.17 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 4th Dieppe
18.07.17 SHYAMALA 5th Vichy
17.07.17 MOON TROUBLE 1st Vichy
14.07.17 COLD STARE 1st Saint-Cloud
14.07.17 COLWOOD 3rd Sennones-Pouance
12.07.17 TAN 3rd Chantilly
12.07.17 ARTFUL CHARLIE 5th Chantilly
09.07.17 BALLYMOUNT 3rd Vittel
08.07.17 ASCOT DAY 1st Nantes
08.07.17 LADY KYRIA 1st Nantes
08.07.17 FAST BUCK 5th Clairefontaine
05.07.17 MOON TROUBLE 2nd Deauville
03.07.17 MANDOLIN WIND 4th Maisons-Laffitte
02.07.17 BACHELORS WALK 3rd Nort-sur-Erdre
02.07.17 REASON TO BELIEVE 4th Nort-sur-Erdre
01.07.17 ARDENODE 3rd Deauville
29.06.17 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 3rd Salon de Provence
29.06.17 RED CHOIS 2nd Deauville
28.06.17 STAR WASHWASHA 4th Maisons-Laffitte
28.06.17 ASCOT DAY 2nd Argentan
25.06.17 FULL CAPACITY 3rd La Roche-Posay
23.06.17 MANDOLIN WIND 3rd Chantilly
21.06.17 LADY KYRIA 3rd Maisons-Lafitte
21.06.17 MOON TROUBLE 3rd Maisons-Lafitte
21.06.17 TAN 1st Maisons-Lafitte
21.06.17 COLD STARE 1st Maisons-Lafitte
17.06.17 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 2nd Lyon Parilly
16.06.17 KENTISH WALTZ 1st Maisons-Lafitte
16.06.17 PUSSY GALORE 4th Saint Galmier
15.06.17 BALLYMOUNT 3rd Saint-Cloud
15.06.17 EAST OF THE NILE 2nd Craon
13.06.17 SHYAMALA 2nd Compiegne
11.06.17 ANARCHY 5th Niort
10.06.17 ARDENODE 1st Maisons-Lafitte
10.06.17 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 5th Maisons-Lafitte
04.06.17 ATHLUMNEY STEPS 5th Royan la Palmyre
04.06.17 PUSSY GALORE 4th Sennones Pouance
04.06.17 BALLYMOUNT 1st Sennones-Pouance
03.06.17 LADY KYRIA 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
03.06.17 STAR WASHWASHA 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
28.05.17 BABY SHOWER 3rd Chantilly
27.05.17 BALLYMOUNT 4th Chateaubriant
25.05.17 MOON TROUBLE 1st Le Lion d’Angers
23.05.17 SHYAMALA 5th Angers
23.05.17 LADY KYRIA 4th Angers
22.05.17 TEESLEMEE 4th Chantilly
11.05.17 TAN 1st Maisons-Laffitte
11.05.17 MANDOLIN WIND 3rd Lyon Parilly
10.05.17 TAWAHID 4th La Teste de Buch
09.05.17 STARWASHWASHA 4th Bordeaux le Bouscat
08.05.17 WINTURO 4th Vannes
06.05.17 ARDENODE 1st Maisons-Laffitte
01.05.17 MY ADELIA 5th Saint-Cloud
24.04.17 REASON TO BELIEVE 3rd Compiegne
23.04.17 STARWASHWASHA 2nd Mont de Marsan
23.04.17 FLEXIBLE 1st Nort sur Erdre
21.04.17 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 5th Fontainebleau
20.04.17 KENTISH WALTZ 1st Chantilly
18.04.17 ALWAYS 5th Cholet
17.04.17 MANDOLIN WIND 1st Le Lion D’Anger
16.04.17 WINTURO 2nd Montlucan
15.04.17 RED CHOIS 2nd Moulins
28.11.16 SAINT IRINI 1st Pornichet
24.11.16 CAZALYS 2nd Lyon la-Soie
17.11.16 TAN 3rd Fontainebleau
10.11.16 FAST BUCK 4th Pornichet
10.11.16 CAZALYS 2nd Pornichet
06.11.16 TAN 4th Nantes
01.11.16 DANDYMAN PORT 3rd Maisons-Laffitte
26.10.16 SAINT IRINI 3rd Pornichet
16.10.16 FLEXIBLE 3rd Le Pin-au-Haras
15.10.16 ARTE OF GOLD 5th Pornichet
09.10.16 BAJUDE 5th Limoges
08.10.16 MY ADELIA 1st Chantilly
05.10.16 ICEY LOOSEY 2nd Lyon la-Soie
02.10.16 CAZALYS 4th Strasbourg
27.09.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 1st Salon-de-Provence
26.09.16 MANDOLIN WIND 2nd Craon
26.09.16 BAJUDE 4th Vic-Fezensac
25.09.16 DO IT IN RIO 1st Tours
25.09.16 FLEXIBLE 3rd Evreux
23.09.16 ICEY LOOSEY 2nd Fontainebleau
17.09.16 FAST BUCK 2nd Cholet
13.09.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 2nd Fontainebleau
12.09.16 STAR WASHWASHA 4th Maisons-Laffitte
11.09.16 HOLY SPRING 2nd Munich
11.09.16 ICEY LOOSEY 1st Sable-sur-Sarthe
08.09.16 SHKHARA 1st Lyon la Soie
08.09.16 QUIET ZAIN 3rd Lyon laSoie
04.09.16 ASCOT DAY 2nd Evreux
04.09.16 FLEXIBLE 3rd Evreux
02.09.16 MOSCOW EIGHT 5th Fontainebleau
02.09.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 2nd Fontainebleau
29.08.16 FAST BUCK 2nd Pornichet
27.08.16 IRISH ROMANCE 1st Pornichet
25.08.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 1st Moulins
24.08.16 ICEY LOOSEY 4th Vichy
21.08.16 SHKHARA 1st La Roche Posay
21.08.16 BOCA RATON 1st La Roche Posay
21.08.16 MATERIAL 2nd Vittel
21.08.16 REASON TO BELIEVE 3rd Vittel
18.08.16 QUIET ZAIN 4th Vichy
18.08.16 DO IT IN RIO 4th Vichy
18.08.16 FLEXIBLE 4th La Teste de Buch
18.08.16 MOSCOW EIGHT 5th La Teste de Buch
16.08.16 STAR WASHWASHA 2nd Vichy
11.08.16 CASH IN MIND 2nd Vichy
04.08.16 DO IT IN RIO 2nd Vichy
03.08.16 FAST BUCK 4th La Teste de Buch
31.07.16 IRISH ROMANCE 2nd Vittel
28.07.16 CASH IN MIND 1st Vichy
25.07.16 SHKHARA 1st Guerlesquin
22.07.16 STAR WASHWASHA 3rd Chantilly
18.07.16 LE PHANTOM 5th Chantilly
17.07.16 CAZALYS 4th Maisons-Laffitte
14.07.16 IRISH ROMANCE 2nd Sennones-Pouance
12.07.16 STAR WASHWASHA 3rd Dieppe
12.07.16 HOLY SPRING 5th Dieppe
10.07.16 SHKHARA 1st Chateauroux
10.07.16 DANDYMAN PORT 3rd Chantilly
04.07.16 LE PHANTOM 2nd Nantes
04.07.16 CASH IN MIND 1st Maisons-Laffitte
26.06.16 REMBRANDT 2nd Morlaix
24.06.16 LE PHANTOM 3rd La Teste de Buch
23.06.16 MOSCOW EIGHT 1st La Teste de Buch
22.06.16 CAZALYS 4th Chantilly
21.06.16 DANDYMAN PORT 1st Dieppe
19.06.16 SHKHARA 4th Royan la Palmyre
17.06.16 STAR WASHWASHA 5th Deauville
16.06.16 IRISH ROMANCE 3rd Craon
16.06.16 REMBRANDT 4th Craon
22.05.16 LE KORNGOLD 4th Lisieux
19.05.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 3rd Fontainebleau
16.05.16 SO HOITY TOITY 2nd Deauville
08.05.16 SWEET FONG 3rd Nort-sur-Erdre
16.04.16 REMBRANDT 3rd Moulins
06.04.16 SO HOITY TOITY 4th Chantilly
30.03.16 LE KORNGOLD 4th Amiens
30.03.16 SWEET FONG 3rd Amiens
13.03.16 LE KORNGOLD 5th Sennones-Pouance
03.03.16 REMBRANDT 2nd Chantilly
10.02.16 AXE 4th Cagnes-sur-Mer
09.02.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 3rd Chantilly
08.02.16 REMBRANDT 3rd Marseille Pont-de-Vivaux
08.02.16 SWEET FONG 5th Marseille Pont-de-Vivaux
29.01.16 DREAM BEAUTY 5th Chantilly
28.01.16 REMBRANDT 4th Cagnes-sur-Mer
20.01.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 3rd Cagnes-sur-Mer
16.01.16 A PLACE FOR US 5th Cagnes-sur-Mer
08.01.16 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 2nd Deauville
16.12.15 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 3rd Deauville
18.11.15 REGAL BREEZE 5th Compiegne
15.11.15 SWEET FONG 4th Le Mans
05.11.15 ROSARIOS 2nd Pornichet
03.11.15 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 3rd Chantilly
15.10.15 RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE 5th Fontainebleau
12.10.15 MYBOY 3rd Angers
11.10.15 SWEET FONG 1st Nort-sur-Erdre
10.10.15 REGAL BREEZE 3rd Pornichet
10.10.15 HOLY SPRING 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
29.09.15 SNOWDROP FLYER 1st Le Mans
28.09.15 REGAL BREEZE 5th Argentan
20.09.15 HOLY SPRING 2nd Milan
17.09.15 DIVINE DESTINY 3rd Nantes
12.09.15 MYBOY 2nd Cholet
12.09.15 MOSCOW EIGHT 3rd Fontainebleau
02.09.15 ZIPZIP 1st Longchamp
31.08.15 MARCELINO 1st Cazaubon
30.08.15 CASH IN MIND 1st Deauville
29.08.15 ROSARIOS 3rd Pornichet
25.08.15 CAPE DREAM 4th Clairefontaine
21.08.15 HOLY SPRING 1st La Teste de Buch
20.08.15 MYBOY 2nd Deauville
19.08.15 ZIPZIP 1st Clairefontaine
09.08.15 DAME MARIE 1st Pornichet
09.08.15 ANY STEP 2nd Pornichet
05.08.15 TRADER OF FORTUNE 4th Royan
05.08.15 VICTORIAN TEO 4th Royan
1.08.15 CAPE DREAM 3rd Clairefontaine
31.07.15 ZIPZIP 1st Clairefontaine
31.07.15 CASH IN MIND 1st Clairefontaine
17.07.15 HOLY SPRING 1st Maisons-Laffitte
13.07.15 SNOWDROP FLYER 5th Divonne-les-Bains
13.07.15 WIZARDLY 5th Divonne-les-Bains
12.07.15 NIL BY MOUTH 4th Saint-Malo
05.07.15 MARCELINO 2nd La Gacilly
05.07.15 ZIPZIP 1st Aix-les-Bains
29.06.15 SNOWDROP FLYER 3rd Gemozac
28.06.15 ABSADOIR 5th Maisons-Laffitte
27.06.15 BOUNTY PURSUIT 4th Deauville
25.06.15 DAME MARIE 5th Clairefontaine
23.06.15 WIZARDLY 5th Maisons-Laffitte
20.06.15 SUITS YOU 1st Royal Ascot
18.06.15 ZIPZIP 3rd Longchamp
18.06.15 MOSCOW EIGHT 1st La Teste de Buch
17.06.15 NIL BY MOUTH  4th Compiegne
14.06.15 ABSADOIR 2nd Gemozac
11.06.15 DAME MARIE 5th Maisons-Laffitte
11.06.15 HOLY SPRING 2nd Maisons-Laffitte
07.06.15 NIEBIESKI 4th Lyon Parilly
06.06.15 DIVINE DESTINY 3rd Chantilly
05.06.15 ZIPZIP 2nd Tarbes