The Experience

right5Like any successful business my training operation at Haras de Lianger is run on sound business principles. While training horses is my job I am very aware that it is a hobby interest for most of my clients, thus communication and inclusivity is a priority to me. All my owners receive a written (email/fax) report on their horse-in-training on a weekly basis. I also set aside a number of dedicated office hours in each week for phone conversations when I am happy to discuss your horse free of distractions. Visits to the yard by prior appointment are welcomed and encouraged, and for overseas owners a visit to Haras de Lianger and perhaps a day at the races can make for a very relaxing and enjoyable short break away. I never lose sight of the fact that it’s YOUR horse that is in my care and my aim is to make the whole experience of owning a racehorse-in-training with me fun, inclusive and rewarding. I can guarantee that any horse capable of winning races here in France will bring home a decent financial reward for its owners.

Horses in training here at Haras de Lianger are afforded world-class training facilities. They are in the care of a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff whose commitment to the wellbeing of every horse under their care is first class. I am a hands-on trainer and the vast majority of my day is spent in the yard and on the gallops monitoring and assessing every horse at close quarters. This is why I can accurately place horses in the right grade to provide the best opportunity to bring home a cheque every time a horse runs. A study of my annual statistics is proof of this fact with a strike rate of 58%, 57% & 71% of my runners finishing in the money over the past three seasons.

My jockey policy is to book the best available and French champions Ioritz Mendizabal, Christophe Soumillon, Maxime Guyon and Olivier Peslier are frequent bookings for my runners. My horses have a reputation for being fit and for knowing their job and for this reason booking top jockeys is never a problem.

French racing is thriving on the back of record financial returns from the Government run betting industry. Tremendous opportunities exist for horses of all grades to race for a decent financial return. If you would like the best chance of sharing in the spoils of French racing then Haras de Lianger offers you an unmatched private training facility in the perfect location. Give me a call, without obligation to discuss what I can do for you.

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